Tuesday, November 30, 2010

gobble gobble gobble

it would be a fair statement to say we made too much food for thanksgiving.

but, wow, it was delicious.  the turkey was somehow a success.  {terrifying, but a success.}  bobby flay's mac & cheese is a new thanksgiving staple.  greenbean casserole was everything i had hoped for.  the pecan pie was everything blakey had hoped for {& the GORGEOUS pie plate made it all the better}.  & the pumpkin cupcakes were a big win.  huge.

i shouldn't mention that we didn't get around to eating leftovers until sunday.  too many places to take the in-laws.  but sunday night leftovers were yummy too.

{appetizers: pumpkin dip with apples & homemade biscotti.  brie en croute.  sausage balls by ogden.}

{meal: turkey.  cranberry sauce.  homemade rolls.  greenbean casserole.  mac & cheese.  dressing by amy.  gravy by amy.  mashed potatoes.  potatoes gratin.  corn casserole.}

{dessert: pecan pie.  pumpkin pie by amy.  pumpkin cupcakes.}

this holiday is quickly becoming one of my favorites.  food, friends, family, fun.  all of my favorite things.

i truly hope yours was as wonderful.

love love,

Monday, November 29, 2010

thankful for thanksgiving!

thanksgiving 2010 was so much fun!

in-laws in town for a visit.  tons & tons of food.  friends & shuffleboard.  tanky & his girlfriend.  we could not ask for more.  for all of this, we are thankful.

 {our thanksgiving table}

amy & ogden joined in our thanksgiving celebrations.  the more, the merrier for thanksgiving.

 {my husband is the best!}

a little aggie beat down on the longhorns {woohooo!} & then shuffleboard began. 
 {"amy, let's talk strategy."}

tanky & lola played played played played.

& were so tired.

we hope you & your families had a marvelous thanksgiving too!  we missed all of our family who wasn't here!

food is tomorrow.  get excited.

love love,

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

happy thanksgiving!!

a happy happy thanksgiving to you & your families.

 {thanksgiving 2005}

love love,
the porters.

Monday, November 22, 2010

ashley's white chili!

one of my favorite fall recipes is ashley's white chili.  never had it.  never even heard of it.  then she made it for one of our dinner get togethers & i fell in love! 

perfect for the cold weather...haha...yeah, right.  it was 70-something degrees today.

perfect for the fall.  & perfect for an easy dinner while my snotty head laid on the couch.

 {i heart crockpot dishes}

 {with a little bit of challah bread.
because that is how i roll now.}

i have a rule of not sharing recipes that aren't mine to share.  so enjoy the beautiful pictures & imagine the lovely flavors.

happy thanksgiving week!  i am grateful for yummy food.

love love,

Friday, November 19, 2010

happy friday, friends!

in this week before thanksgiving, we are thankful for all of you :) 

we are also thankful for tanky!  & you haven't gotten to see him lately, so let's fix that...

{mr green man is tanky's favorite}

 {do you see who is in my bed??}

  {puppy date with lola!}

 {& then a much needed nap}

{tanky is waiting for you to come see us in birmy!}

love love,
+ tanky.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

mmmmmm... bread.

this week in pastry school we made a lot of bread.  a lot.

give me butter + flour + salta {that isn't overworked), & i am a happy girl.  so i have been quite the happy girl this week.

{single knot rolls}

{loaf of white bread.
best white bread i've ever eaten.
maybe that is because i never eat white bread anymore.

a little dense.  but still pretty good.}

pronounced "holla!"
not enough salt.  
it's a theme for me.}

{delicious tomato + banana pepper + italian sausage
+ local farm fontana + homemade tomato basil sauce}

tastes like olive oil.
you know it's good.}

then chef made some fabulous pastries from croissant dough...

{chocolate croissants}

totally reminded me of our wedding!}
{{i was going to link that to a post about our wedding pinwheels 
& realized i haven't blogged about that yet.
my next wedding wednesday is planned!
get excited.}}

{raspberry filled croissants.
no words to how delicious these were.
no words.}

{cinnamon rolls!
totally not pioneer woman cinnamon rolls.
but very good in a completely different way.}

go eat some carbs.  try to catch up with me this week.

love love,