Monday, February 1, 2010

who needs a man around the house?

so i swore i wouldn't actually use this blog until i was officially a "porter", but i have the greatest story to tell you from today. (and, really, who was i kidding?)

blakey & i have spent the last month or so getting our loft ready to sell - i painted, gathered old clothes to donate, took down pictures, etc. the "girl stuff', if you will. blake, on the other hand, dry-walled where tank bit a hole in the wall, fixed an electrical outlet, sanded the door where tank had scratched it. pretty much all manly things, blake did them.

one thing we discovered the weekend before blakey left for japan was that the toilet seat really needed to be replaced. we tried a quick fix of painting it, (am i embarrassed? only a little. hey, we are cheap) but that looked horrible. blake was leaving in days, hadn't thought about packing, a storm was headed this way, and we ran out of time.

well, the realtor is coming tomorrow. the toilet has to be fixed. so this morning, i measure the toilet seat and take my measurements to home depot. as it turns out, there are only two sizes of toilet seat covers - round & oblong. and take note, the round ones look as oblong as the oblong ones do, so i was glad i brought my handy dandy measurements. i buy a $15 oblong toilet seat cover and head home.

the new toilet seat cover, the tools, and the old ugly toilet:
my unscrewing the top with a philips head screwdriver & then unscrewing the bottom:
the toilet after the super gross lid was taken off & me with the new super clean lid:
THE FRUITS OF MY LABOR: a beautiful new toilet & me looking really cool after the man's job was finished.
so, byrds, i love you. but i can do the man work