Monday, September 29, 2014

week 36: football date night

thirty-six weeks means it's date night time for blakey & me!  & we got to go on a dream date night - monday night football at arrowhead stadium!  we arrived in time to do a little tailgating outside of the stadium & see the army's parachute team parachute over us & into the stadium to deliver the game ball.

our seats were amazing!  50 yard line in the upper deck.  my pregnant self loved that this was a mostly sitting section.  thank you, blake's attending, for letting us use your awesome seats!

one of blake's life goals is to break a guinness world record & OH MY GOSH we got to be apart of breaking one!  the chiefs held the title for the loudest stadium in the world & the seahawks beat it by 0.1 points last year.  chiefs kingdom once again won the title with a record of 142.2, beating the seawhawks by 4.6 points!  go chiefs!

while blakey was geeking out about being a world record breaker, i was freaking out about being in the same place as hot brady himself!  that's right - the hottest qb tom brady & i pretty much hung out :)

oh!  & the chiefs won!  really, they kicked the patriots' butts.  it was oh so much fun.  two nfl games down for nora belle & me.

love love,

Monday, September 22, 2014

week 35: one more month!

oh my goodness - only one more month until nora belle is expected to arrive!!  my hospital bag is packed.  our car seats are in our cars.  the nursery is complete.  we are ready for the little lady, but happy for her to stay in there a few more weeks & keep growing & getting healthier.

 {blake & his empathy belly}

nora belle had hiccups for the first time the other night!  it was really funny to feel hiccups in my lower abdomen.  she is still kicking away all the time.  we think she is in the correct head down position with all of her kicking & pushing up top.  good job, little girl.

for one of our last family of two weekends, we watched football & grilled out & spent most of the day outside yesterday.  it was an absolutely gorgeous day!  i think i'm going to love kansas city in the fall.  blake made havarti-stuffed burgers with roasted green chilies & caramelized balsamic onions. that were so delicious.  & i made a roasted fall vegetable dish with butternut squash & red potatoes & rosemary & green apples.  & tank ran around playing with his ball for hours.  all in the beauty of our own backyard.  oooh, the marvelous fall.

love love,

Monday, September 15, 2014

week 34: boomer sooner from norman!

blakey & i took our last trip to oklahoma before baby!!  last time in norman before we are officially parents.  crazy!  & so exciting.  we headed to our great state for the big ou vs tennessee game & my dear friend, cari's, baby shower.  the game was absolutely fantastic - we got to tailgate with so many wonderful friends, see this year's intro video, laugh at me getting super nervous for each play, & cheer on the boys to a big victory.  well done, fellas, well done.  it should be a great football year.

{tailgating with christy, cari, & the baby bumps}
{more on cari's baby shower soon!}

{my original football game partner - my dad}

{my two loves - blake & nora belle!}

boom soon from norman!  next time we see you, oklahoma, miss nora belle will be in hand.

love love,

Monday, September 8, 2014

week 33: go chiefs go!

33 weeks!  33 weeks!  my nora belly is getting huge!  bigger every day, right blakey ;)

this weekend, dave & beau came to visit us!  we had an incredible dinner at gram & dun with amazing asian pig wings, delicious fried catfish with greens & mashed potatoes, & the most ridiculously large tomahawk ribeye.  the evening was filled with wonderful beverages {even a mocktail for me!}, lots of football talk, & fantastic company.

on sunday, we went to nora belle & my first NFL game & blake's first chiefs game.  it was absolutely one of the best days. we all got to go on the field for pregame & watch the players come out & warm up.  we took tons of photos, acted like we were under the review booth hood, & marveled at the size of these guys.  it was an experience we will never forget.  the boys geeked out the entire time & stood there with a huge smile on my face.  an amazing sunday!

 {chiefs kingdom!}

 {someone is going to score a touchdown right here.}

 {nice catch, jamaal charles}

 {oh hey there, gigantic linemen}

 {the happiest brothers in all the world}

 {the chiefs' superbowl trophy!}

 {ready to cheer the boys on}

a wonderful, wonderful weekend.  happy 33 weeks to us!

love love,

Monday, September 1, 2014

week 32: it's football time!

32 weeks means only a few football saturdays are in between us & our little girl arriving!  it also means miss nora belle is growing about a half a pound a week.  & my nora belly is growing right along with her.  i've learned about being crazy hot for no reason, that my two options for hunger are either "i am starving!" or "i am ridiculously full!", that singing a few lines to a song could lead me to being out of breath, that just because i went to the bathroom five minutes ago, that does not mean i don't need to go right now, & that God is getting me ready to take care of my little one by waking me up every night.  & you know what, her little kicks make it all worth it.

 {nate & blake & our 26 inch pizza}

oklahoma football is here!!  & for the first game, blakey & i met up with our friends & neighbors, rachel & nate, & headed to the ou club of kansas city watch party!  it was marvelous cheering on our sooners to a fantastic victory.  looking forward to many more of those days ahead.

{tanky was ready for some football too!}

love love,