Friday, July 30, 2010

i freaking love you.

happy friday!!

anyone who has heard the story about the first (18) time(s) blake told me he loved me, you will appreciate how much i want this:

originally from the cute hillarybird shop on etsy.
found through a fabulously adorable blog, decor8.
it is so nice in the blogging world to give credit where credit is due.

love love,

Thursday, July 29, 2010

fun in birmy with the kleinmans!

our dear friends mike & wendy visited us in birmy last weekend!  even with blake being on call, we managed to have a super fun time.  great food (shocking for us, i know), a bit of touristy stuff, a little shopping, more good food, great friends.  what more could you want?

friday night, we headed to J Clyde for the extensive beer menu & fun pub food.

after dinner, we played some darts at our local downtown hot spot, Rogue Tavern.  even though it was our first time actually going out in birmy, it was definitely the best!

wendy, mike, & i spent our saturday morning walking around the pepper place farmer's market.  succulent peaches, huge watermelons, & tasty goat cheeses were just a few of the highlights of our trip.  

mike & tanky decided to fit a short afternoon nap into our busy schedule.

all rested up, the three of us decided it was time to do the tourist thing in birmy & headed to VULCAN, the world's largest cast iron statue & our city's symbol!  you are impressed, admit it.  birmy is so cool.  this 56-foot tall statue depicts the roman god vulcan, god of the first & forget.  it is, in fact, the 7th largest free-standing statue in the US.  it sits on a 126-foot pedestal atop red mountain, which overlooks downtown birmingham and miles around.

ok, so it's a little touristy.  but seriously, it was pretty neat.  we will definitely be back.

do you spy mike + wendy?

the long red-brick building towards the bottom of the picture is UAB's women & infants center,
where blakey spends most of his days.
just past/above the WIC on the left end is a small cream facade & red brick building.
this is the phoenix lofts, where we live!

i am standing on our home in this map of downtown birmy.

after a being a good birmyite...bhammer...what is it called?...blake got to leave the hospital!  we made a stop a the delicious edgewood creamery & saw's BBQ (which has quickly become our favorite BBQ in birmy.  bold statement, i know) for our afternoon snack & blake's first meal in 20 hours.

a wonderful person told me about the cutest little downtown shopping area in homewood, & she was so right!  our absolutely favorite stop on this adorable street was penzeys spices.  have you ever been here?  if you are at all into cooking or baking, you absolutely should.  it is an entire store full of spices.  that recipe you've always been wanting to make but you can never find that one key spice, oh, you can get it here.  when winter (is there winter in bama?) rolls around, i will absolutely be picking up some mulling spices here for apple cider.  yum!

for our dinner on this night, flip burger won our hearts.  yes, this is the third time blake & i have been to flip, and yes, it is amazing.  first, the view!  second, the fabulous food.  & third, a little shout out to the wonderful head chef who came out to talk to us about how their food is prepared for allergies.  pretty neat.  we will definitely keep going back.  what a fun evening.

for the goodbye breakfast saturday morning, we reluctantly tried the original pancake house.  i'm not going to lie, i had low hopes.  but, let me tell you, it was so delicious!  

fun fun weekend with wonderful friends.  so happy you came to visit, kleinmans!

& if you want to visit...we would love love to have you.

love love,

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

wedding wednesday # 3 - our wedding wall!

happy wedding wednesday!  today, i will show you how we are proudly displaying our beautiful wedding pictures by our wonderful photographer LSD Photography.

one of the walls in our apartment is HUGE: 20ft wide by 14ft tall of white wall.  so we needed to find a way decorate the large wall = large pictures!  this is my little math project to figure out where to hang the pictures & thus the nails.  (yes, yes i am a huge math dork.  i love it.)

& the final, beautiful product!

remember yesterday when i said you'd have to wait until today to see how we stored more kitchen stuff? my dad & blakey built these two buffet tables to not only store kitchen gadgets but also be the anchor for the wedding wall:

it is so much fun to display all of the amazing memories from our wedding day - from my favorite photograph in the world of the first time blake saw me in my wedding dress to the gorgeous panoramic shot of the sanctuary to our bird cake toppers in the centerpiece bird cages...  it makes me so so happy every time i look that way.

please enjoy:

i have a pink bouquet!

what creative ways are you displaying your wedding memories?

love love,

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

our beautiful kitchen!

it is about time i show you all around our new home!  today, let's start with my favorite room in any home - the kitchen.

this kitchen, although very fun & lofty, is a bit of a challenge.  first & most apparent, open cabinets.  although they always look pretty in magazines, it is quite the predicament on how to make your stuff look magazine-worthy at all times.

second & my greatest conundrum, there is almost no storage.  before we got here & had all of the boxes in one area, i had never seen all of my kitchen stuff + all of our wonderful wedding gifts in one place.  a lot.  this is where we started:


you are going to have to wait until tomorrow to see the big storage idea.  
it is part of wedding wednesday!  how, you ask.  wait & see!
i'll give you a hint:

third, where on earth was i going to prepare food?  well, my wonderful & amazing husband had a fab.u.lous idea.  a commercial kitchen work table!  i love this thing.  & it has storage for all of my baking supplies!  & it has self-leveling legs for the sailboat tile!  everything about it is perfect.

so, my friends, i admit it: i love this kitchen.  (shhhh...don't tell blake.  i'll get one of those big "i told you so"s.)  when life gives you lemons today, make lemonade.

i even get to display ALL of my cake plates!!

have a fabulous tuesday!

love love,

Monday, July 26, 2010

my dad!

so so excited to to tell you that my dad is running for state senate!!

for any of you that live in Oklahoma's senate district 15, which includes a significant portion of Norman, (& everyone else!) please check out his website & learn about the issues he supports.  [click here]  as my sister said "voting is is one of your candidates."  i would love for you to vote for him.

& for the fun stuff...some of my favorite pictures of my daddy byrd.

neon.  fanny packs.  randy travis.  enough said.

the annual 4th of July corn shucking.

dad & ruth at blake's pirate party.

a little boomer sooner.

father daughter dance with my sis.

the boys in their fave Hawaiian shirts.

a very proud father of the pharmD.

our first walk down the aisle at blake & my rehearsal.

our father daughter dance.
he couldn't look happier.

ok, maybe he looks happier here.

"amarillo by mornin'..."

love you, dad!!

love love,