Monday, August 25, 2014

week 31: grandpa & samma came to visit!

norabelle's grandpa & samma came to kc to visit us this weekend!  & oh boy were we productive.  they brought up my grandmother's china cabinet that is going to {eventually} be painted & displayed in our dining room.  the fellas built a 12' by 5' raised garden in our backyard.  nora belle's nursery is almost finished!  that, my friends, you will have to wait to see.  & with all of that doing, we had time to eat at a couple of kansas city staples - oklahoma joe's & stroud's fried chicken!  a most lovely weekend indeed.

{a very proud grandpa}

{dad & tank even bonded}

{by the way, there is now a baby swing in our living room.}

happy 31 weeks!

love love,

Monday, August 18, 2014

week 30: namaste, yoga.

with 30 weeks down & 10ish more to go, prenatal yoga has become my best friend.  i wasn't super into yoga before being pregnant, but it is now one of the highlights of my week.  as it turns out, it's not exactly comfortable growing a human inside of you, carrying extra weight everywhere, having your organs & nerves squished by the little miracle inside of you.  {totally worth it, just not always comfortable.}  so learning to stretch & move & work different muscles to help me more comfortably carry this little baby makes me a much happier momma.  as well as the camaraderie with other pregnant women.  it's nice to hear that all of this crazy stuff you are going through is totally normal.

so thank you, prenatal yoga, for making my pregnancy oh so much better!  & thank you, julie byrd, for convincing me i had to go.

love love,

Monday, August 11, 2014

week 29: home sweet homa.

it's baby shower week!  blakey & i headed home for a few days with family & friends, a 30th birthday party, our big truck baby party, & our baby shower!  it was so nice to be in oklahoma & eat at our favorite places & lay out by the pool & do a little shopping & celebrate miss nora belle.

julie & benny boo & little man were in town for the week too, which was incredible!  malcolm & i built a lot of tracks & played choo choo.  & he got to ride an amazing john deere tractor!  so cool, little man.

{grandpa, benny boo, & little man's pool day}

{we just had to take the 
7-months pregnant vs not pregnant 
baby bump pic}

{tanky was a little out of it after a procedure}

& my dearest friend, cari, turned THIRTY!!!  we celebrated with a party on the rooftop patio at packard's in okc.  oh my gosh, this place is awesome!  & it's two blocks from our old loft.  an evening under the stars with a great view of downtown, so many wonderful people, celebrating an amazing friend.  happy birthday to you, cari marie!!

{so excited for baby cohen & miss nora belle to be best friends.}

{my love!}

love love,

Monday, August 4, 2014

week 28: hello third trimester!

third trimester is here!  & that means nora belle is going to be here soon!  we cannot believe it but are incredibly excited.  little one is showing her personality more & more.  anytime something pushes against my belly - be it my purse, tank, or the ultrasound device - nora belle kicks back it.  this little girl does not want anything all up in her space.  that or she wants to say "hello!" back.

we got to see her beautiful little face again this week!  i cannot believe how much she's grown since we saw her 10 weeks ago!  the sonographer estimated her weight at 2 lb 13 oz, right around the 50th percentile.  she is doing great & all of her measurements checked out normally.  keep growing strong & healthy, little one!

second trimester certainly left with as much gusto as it came in.  i'm relearning all about this exhaustion from nothing thing & the random immediate need to eat every once in awhile. i am truly thankful for this time to rest & take care of myself & nora belle & get the things accomplished we need to.  & thankful for a wonderful husband who understands & appreciates it all.

love love,