Wednesday, June 30, 2010

wedding rehearsal - dance, dance, dance.


now we get to the fun part of the wedding rehearsal...the party portion.  let me tell you, our friends know how to party & dance & have a great time.  today, i will let the pictures speak for themselves.  

(disclaimer: these pictures are amazing.  i love you more for these pictures.  no complaining.)

the louboutins had a long night...  & enjoyed every second of it.

love love,

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

wedding rehearsal - the dinner.

our rehearsal dinner was all about fun & friends.  when you first walked into the old town hall, there was a place card out for each person with an old picture of when we first met, a special memory, or something ridiculous that person had done.  it was a wonderful way for everyone to tell stories & get to know each other.

in case you do not already know this - i think good food is one of the greatest happinesses in life.  we had some fabulous food from Abbey Road Catering, including the best down home mac & cheese as well as a great rendition of Cheever's chopped salad (my all time favorite food).  oh, & the cupcakes!  from the one & only Amy Cakes.  (i LOVE her.)

blake put together the sweetest slideshow of pictures from each of our lives & our life together.  (note: my husband is the best.)   (note # 2: i would post it here, but the file is too big for the divshare site i use to upload videos.  any blog smarties out there, if you have a suggestion, i would love it.)

after the video, our a-freakin-mazing friends & family gave toasts to blakey & me.  it was one of the most special times of my life.

my dad's infamous rose speech:

the bro brace:

come back tomorrow for the third wedding rehearsal blog post...with dancing...lots of dancing... 

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Monday, June 28, 2010

over 1,000 views since we started counting!

awoohoo!  so glad you are here!

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the week of wedding rehearsal posts!

i'm back!  my mother-in-law & i had a super productive week while she was in town - new furniture, furniture put together, things put away...  so i am now back to the blogging world.  i will get to the loft sometime soon, but this week is wedding rehearsal posts week!

april 30, 2010 - beller porter rehearsal.

this was it - the day that kicked off all of the wedding festivities.  a beautiful & fun bridal luncheon and an afternoon at the salon with my wonderful sister & matron-of-honor started the lovely day.  but it was the rehearsal that really began everything.  all of our friends & family arrived from out of town!  i walked down an aisle with my father on one arm & a (ribbon) bouquet on the other!  pieces of the ceremony were actually said out loud!  oh, it was a fabulous beginning.

tomorrow, you are invited to join us for a down-home rehearsal dinner!  for a sneak peak, check out the invitations from mpress!

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