Sunday, March 28, 2010

we are moving to birmingham!

match day was march 18, 2010 - the day that all fourth year medical students across the country found out where they got into residency. it is THE day we all have been waiting for over the last four years.

the reveal was at a lovely luncheon at the gallardia country club in oklahoma city. many of our friends were deeply involved in the planning, and they did a phenomenal job. the only hint we were given was that this year's reveal would be "the heaviest". a pretty good description, i will say. each medical student was given a beautifully wrapped bottle of wine that was brought out on wine wracks.

on the count of "go", all of the students unwrapped their wine bottles to find a tiny label with their fate typed on it:

Blake Porter
U Alabama Med Ctr -
Birmingham AL

the hat: blake had talked about how great it would be to have a baseball cap for each of his top choices sitting out as he found out where he was going. when it was revealed, he could put the winning hat on, just like they do for singing day. little did he know, i made that wish happen. he was so excited.

we could not be happier about moving to birmingham, alabama for the next (at least) four years to start our lives as husband & wife together. happy match day to everyone!