Monday, July 28, 2014

week 27: opening those eyes!

it's my last week of my second trimester!  oh my goodness, time is flying.  this week, nora belle is about the size of a head of cauliflower & weighs about two pounds.  she is learning to sleep for awhile at a time & then waking up to have a party in my belly.  you can even sometimes see her kicking!

a very wonderful thing happened for me in kansas city this week - i finally found a delicious americano.  excellent beans, a barista who knows what they are doing, & an appropriate amount of water.  i am a happy girl.  oddly correct, i knew you wouldn't disappoint.  i heart you.

& i made scones this week!  mmmmmm... maple pecan scones.  i heart you too.

{happy husband}

 {& a delicious mocktail & cocktail at remedy!
happy wife}

love love,

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

week 26: happy birthday, blakey!

it was blakey's birthday this weekend!  the big 3-1.  old man :)  we celebrated with his parents in kansas city all weekend with lots of delicious dinners, including one of blake's favorite restaurant concepts - the brazilian steakhouse {fogo de chao}.  all the meat you can eat served on a sword?!  yes, please.  it was awesome & delicious.  we also went to an old kansas city favorite burger joint {westport flea market} & a delicious local frozen custard place {foo's fabulous frozen custard}.  so many birthday feasts! that's the best kind of birthday.

blake & dave also spent the weekend fancying up nora belle's nursery!  they installed a pretty white fan & built her crib!  {thank you mom & ray for the beautiful crib!}  she now has a place to sleep, a place to get rocked to sleep, & place to put all of her teeny tiny clothes.  it's coming together, nora belle!

 {the fellas hard at work}

 {LOVE her modern crib}

we hit the 100 days 'til mark this week!  & then we fast forwarded three days at our first OB appointment in kansas city - our new due date is october 21st!  little girl is growing right on schedule & has a healthy heartbeat.  we'll get to see her little face again in another week!  

love love,

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

week 25: hello, cravings!

those pregnancy cravings everyone always talks about have finally begun.  a few relatively normal foods sound simply amazing & refuse to exit my brain like ice cream & coffee & sweet treats of any kind.  but one quite random, not something i ever eat, keeps popping up - taco bell.  taco bell??  really??  is that even food?  so one day last week, i told my husband of my random cravings, & he picked up taco bell for us for dinner.  sweetest man in the world.  & a delicious dinner it was.  hopefully, we can keep those not-really-food meals to a minimum.

oh!  my belly button is getting oh so funny looking.  it has squished itself into a little flat indented button with a nose on top.  confession: i have always disliked how my belly button looks.  it was this super deep hole my entire life, like a hole to the middle of nowhere.  so i was pretty excited about pregnancy changing it.  now... not so sure this is better!  it's certainly not worse.  it's a funny little thing, pregnancy.

& to make your day a million times happier, please watch this video of my wonderful nephew:

love love,

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

week 24: fireworks!

happy fourth of july & happy 24 weeks!  this nora belly is growing bigger each & every day.  i am feeling her kick more & more, which is just as neat as it was the first time around.  she likes to party after i eat & just about anytime i actually sit down & rest.  it's so nice to know she's having a fun time in there.

blakey & i headed home to celebrate the fourth of july in oooooooklahoma!  the entire porter clan was there, including the adorable baby brooks.  we were so excited to finally meet the little man.  he's so long & skinny & happy to sleep most of the day.  & he has the most adorable little smile.  we are so excited to watch you grow, brooks wilson!

we also got to celebrate the fourth with caric & their little baby caric, coming january 2015!!  our little ones are going to be best of friends.  i cannot wait.

to celebrate parent-style, all four of us cooked up an incredible holiday feast - brats & sauerkraut & grilled corn & avocado salad & brown butter rice krispie treats!  it was oh so nice to spend the day with our wonderful friends.

& we bought a new car!  my first mom car.  can't you see me running around with all of the kiddos in this gem?  can't wait :)

love love,