Friday, May 30, 2014

week 18: ultrasound pics galore! & week 17 too.

eighteen weeks eighteen weeks!  our baby is growing & my belly is growing & all is good in the world.   maternity clothes are becoming very wonderful.  multiple outfits this week have consisted of maternity tops & maternity bottoms.  it's a good thing i am pretty darn good at shopping.

our anatomy ultrasound was this week!  blakey & i got to see our little baby girl for twenty whole minutes!  we saw the important parts of her brain & the four chambers of her heart.  she has an adorable little nose & lips {no cleft lip}.  she sucked her thumb & grabbed her little bitty feet with her little bitty hands.  miss nora belle is growing big, measuring sizes of about 19 1/2 weeks & weighing 10 ounces.  apparently, little us made a big baby.

 {nora belle's little bitty feet}

 {& her little arms crossed}

last week, i was a little too busy napping to blog, but i did take my bump date photo!  it's a rough life being pregnant :)

love love,

Friday, May 16, 2014

week 16: it's a girl!!

oh my goodness gracious, we are having a girl!!!  a beautiful little baby girl.  & her name will be Nora Belle Porter.  i'm going to call her nora belle.  blakey is most definitely going to call her nb.  you are welcome to call her what you like.  well, within reason here.  but we are going to have a precious little baby girl.

the little miss was once again having a party inside my belly while we did the ultrasound.  she was waving her arms & flipping all over the place.  if this little girl has half as much energy out of the womb as she has in the womb, we are in trouble.  this awesome ultrasound captured above is her upside down with an awesome view of her spine up top.  her little head is to the right, her legs to the left, & her little bitty hand below her tummy.  hello, sweet girl!

16 weeks!  a little baby girl!  whoa.  

love love,

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

from week 14 to week 15: i popped!

yes, friends, i popped.  my belly is out in full force announcing to the world, "i'm pregnant!"  which is certainly better than "i could be fat or pregnant!"  don't you think?!

for the first time, a complete stranger asked me about my being pregnant.  & in one day, two friends who have known we are pregnant for awhile said to me "oh my goodness!  you ARE pregnant!"  yes, i popped.

but my favorite conversation of them all {so far} was with my husband.  while attempting to find an outfit that simply fit, i looked over at blakey & exasperatedly said "oh. my. gosh.  i'm pretty sure i'm getting bigger every day!"  he looked back at me with an expression like i had just announced to the entire world that two plus two equals four.  "i'm 100% positive you are getting bigger every day." oh, this isn't news to an obgyn?  got it.

so happy gummy bear is growing & has a big ole environment in which to grow.  happy week 15, gummy bear!

love love,

Thursday, May 1, 2014

happy 4th anniversary, byrds!!!!

celebrating a very happy 4 years with the love of my life!  four years.  four years of creating a life together, creating an even greater friendship, creating an even stronger love.  & now onto creating a little porter!

 {1st year of happiness in montevallo}

{2nd year of happiness in memphis}

{3rd year of happiness in nola}

i love you, dear love of my life.  you are truly the man of my dreams.

love love,