Monday, October 13, 2014

week 38: boomer sooner, little lady.

we won!  boy, it was ugly but we won.  & i didn't go into labor from all of the anxiety of the game.  wins all around.  nora belle & i had a little chat on friday discussing that most of our family was in dallas for the game, so it sure would be nice if she'd wait to make her appearance until after the game.  i am very grateful she listened.

blake & i cheered on our sooners at rachel & nate's.  we started the day with an amazing gameday breakfast of egg casserole, hashbrowns, & pumpkin coffee cake.  & of course my ou/tx favorite had to be enjoyed - corndogs!

our new kc friends, molly & nate, dropped by with their new little baby girl, poppy.  the sweet 4-day old is absolutely adorable.  so happy nora belle's first friend is already here!  

boomer sooner!  8 days until your due date, little lady.

love love,

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