Wednesday, October 8, 2014

our beautiful new/old china cabinet!

earlier this year, blakey & i inherited my grandmother's china cabinet.  it was sitting in her dining room with her beautiful dishes & glasses & serving pieces for as long as i can remember.  & now it gets to be apart of our home.

i knew exactly what i wanted to do with it - paint it stark white with grey on the inside back wall & add new pretty hardware.  now, how to do that?  i haven't a clue.  that's where my husband comes in handy.

he bought this super awesome, thick white primer to paint over the super glossy brown.  we didn't have to sand it.  we didn't have to de-gloss it.  we just painted a couple of coats of the primer & that sucker was covered.  it was impressive.

{my handsome handy man}

{of course we left the fantastic wallpaper
my grandmother used to line the shelves}

& here it is!  our beautiful new/old china cabinet!  i feel like a grown up now.  we have a china cabinet.  with china in it.  & a piece of my grandmother is with us each day.

{hello, beautiful kate spade china!
so happy to see you after four years.}

love love,

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