Wednesday, October 15, 2014

showering miss nora belle!

this wonderful group of ladies threw nora belle & me the most beautiful & loving shower!  there were pink poms & poofs, colorful flowers & polka dot straws, & the sweetest "nora belle" banner.  the food was delicious too with tasty chicken salad & little petit fours for dessert.  all of the guests were invited to write wishes for miss nora belle that were an absolute joy to read.  so many loved ones were there to make us feel oh so special.

{the nora belle sign that now hangs over her crib!}

{blue mason jars with fancy fruit & colorful straws!}

{what a pretty table of treats}

{a george strait album of lullabies!}

{my beautiful mom & sis}

{& my dear friend, cari,
who showered nora belle & me two days in a row}

{the k pic, of course!}

love love,

Monday, October 13, 2014

week 38: boomer sooner, little lady.

we won!  boy, it was ugly but we won.  & i didn't go into labor from all of the anxiety of the game.  wins all around.  nora belle & i had a little chat on friday discussing that most of our family was in dallas for the game, so it sure would be nice if she'd wait to make her appearance until after the game.  i am very grateful she listened.

blake & i cheered on our sooners at rachel & nate's.  we started the day with an amazing gameday breakfast of egg casserole, hashbrowns, & pumpkin coffee cake.  & of course my ou/tx favorite had to be enjoyed - corndogs!

our new kc friends, molly & nate, dropped by with their new little baby girl, poppy.  the sweet 4-day old is absolutely adorable.  so happy nora belle's first friend is already here!  

boomer sooner!  8 days until your due date, little lady.

love love,

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

our beautiful new/old china cabinet!

earlier this year, blakey & i inherited my grandmother's china cabinet.  it was sitting in her dining room with her beautiful dishes & glasses & serving pieces for as long as i can remember.  & now it gets to be apart of our home.

i knew exactly what i wanted to do with it - paint it stark white with grey on the inside back wall & add new pretty hardware.  now, how to do that?  i haven't a clue.  that's where my husband comes in handy.

he bought this super awesome, thick white primer to paint over the super glossy brown.  we didn't have to sand it.  we didn't have to de-gloss it.  we just painted a couple of coats of the primer & that sucker was covered.  it was impressive.

{my handsome handy man}

{of course we left the fantastic wallpaper
my grandmother used to line the shelves}

& here it is!  our beautiful new/old china cabinet!  i feel like a grown up now.  we have a china cabinet.  with china in it.  & a piece of my grandmother is with us each day.

{hello, beautiful kate spade china!
so happy to see you after four years.}

love love,

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

nora belle's nursery!

nora belle's nursery is finished!  it's bright & cheerful & makes me oh so happy.  so many people put so much love into this little girl's room.  thank you, friends & family, for helping create a wonderful space for miss nora belle.

{the perfect place to sit & read to our little girl.
& rock her to sleep.
& maybe fall asleep with her too.}

{tanky loves her room too}

the gallery wall is one of my favorite parts of the nursery.  it's full of so many wonderful things - paintings from two extremely talented & wonderful gals, a piece i remember hanging in my bathroom while growing up, beautiful details from her baby party like the amazing gold polka dot napkins, a piece of oklahoma, a piece of birmingham, & fingerprints from so many loved ones!

your nursery is ready for you, nora belle!

love love,

Monday, October 6, 2014

week 37: it's her birth month!!

happy october!!  it's nora belle's birth month!!  she made it.  we made it.  i cannot believe it's here.

october is one of my favorite months - the trees are beginning to change colors, the weather is beginning to get cooler, mums are on everyone's porches, pumpkin is an appropriate ingredient in everything, & our little girl's birthday is this month.

"i'm so glad i live in a world where there are octobers."

love love,

Thursday, October 2, 2014

a party for miss nora belle!

julie & cari & haley threw miss nora belle the most amazing baby party!!  there were hot pink signs & gummy bears & gold polka dot napkins!  adorable little white cups with her monogram & name!  her very own crazy straws with each of her names!  we had big truck tacos & city bites cookies!  & so many of our loved ones came to celebrate this little girl.  it truly was the best baby party in the whole wide world!

{not pregnant vs 7-months pregnant}

{baby blake is the cutest!}

{the gummy bear fingerprint sign for her nursery}

{kappa love!}

{bump buds - nora belle & baby cal!}

{little man liked the cookies too}

{my sweet mom}

{the vandaveer family of 3}

{malcolm colored a gummy bear for nora belle}

{nora belle & cohen jennings & friends for life}

love love,